n.o.w. Tone Therapy System
by: Solu


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Unlikely as it sounds, the extraordinary n.o.w. Tone Therapy System delivers the benefits of deep meditation in a matter of minutes… 3 minutes, to be exact.

Its two shiny, spherical speakers offer random selections of sound patterns – pleasing, delicate tones and pings, experienced as crystal-clear pinpoints of sound with their own after-waves – that are calibrated to mechanically drive the brain into a state of deep, centered focus and calm.

*Please note, there are no authorized sellers of the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System on eBay.  Be cautious!


Important caveat: We include a sound sample above to give you an idea of what you will hear, sort of, but listening on a computer does not create the same powerful effects as experiencing the healing tones produced by these spherical speakers in close physical proximity.

We enthusiastically recommend this remarkable device as a potent, transformational gift for people who can’t or won’t meditate, or don’t want to take the time; or for anyone who does meditate, but enjoys different ways to achieve calm, centered and focused awareness.

From a clinical standpoint, we feel this is a treatment of choice for trauma survivors who are too easily triggered by a human voice guiding them in meditation or imagery.

We also predict it will help kids or adults with ADHD to sit still, focus and settle down. 

We also hear it helps people with sleep insufficiency to access deep, restorative sleep.

There is no data yet to establish this as evidence-based fact – this invention is too new for that. But we encourage you to stay tuned for the data.

And we defy anyone to try and resist the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System’s gentle superpowers – see if you can stay tense and cranky after 3 minutes of experiencing its magical pings.  The tones of n.o.w. are centered in the midrange (about 192 Hz to 384 Hz).

Click here to see answers to frequently asked questions about the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System. 

Follow these tips to get the most out of your n.o.w. speakers:

  • Press ON button at the base of each speaker, make sure blue light turns on.
  • Start one then the next speaker, and listen to both n.o.w. speakers together.
  • If you desire a louder setting press volume button once, or twice for full volume.
  • Place speakers on surface, hold in hands, or place on body.
  • Now, just listen intentionally as the tones play.
  • When you notice the inevitable thoughts enter, it's no problem!  Simply return your focus back to listening.
  • Listen all the way through the fade into the silence that follows.  Don't turn n.o.w. off - it does this for you.  Only restart after the blue lights are off. 

Get the benefits of meditation
in 3 minutes

Customer Reviews


I saw these on the website and decided to get them for my husband. He LOVES them. He meditates every day and this is a great addition.

Reviewed by Rene

As a Natural born sceptic, I was leery!

I cannot say enough good things about the tone therapy discs.  As a natural born sceptic, I was leery! But oh,  how wrong I was.  These amazing little peace puck have an immediate effect of lowering my anxiety level, quieting my breathing and making the world go away. If I close my eyes when I listen I float through the universe! For prolonged effect I often listen twice.  Thank you, thank you for recommending these!

Reviewed by Linda C

Better than promised!

Have been studying and experimenting with the benefits of sound therapy for years, and have a big collection of tuning forks and Tibetan bowls to back up the claim.  But I love these little pucks even more.  I personally like to put one on each shoulder to feel the sound vibes as well as hear them...and like to hum one of the tones.  For people who just can't meditate, this is the way to go.  I think there are probably some excellent health benefits that we will all discover with regular use. The company probably can't tell us what they suspect, but I'd be willing to bet the farm the devices support immune function, and also support spiritual growth practices including "letting go" of troubling emotional burdens. Your body and spirit just can't hold on to that which does not serve in the presence of the tones.

Reviewed by Daphne O.

Thumbs up!

I work in medical publishing, and my son (who still lives at home) is in health care; both of us have been working at home full time since March because of the pandemic. I purchased the pucks just before lockdown, played with them a little, but was too distracted because of the uncertainties of the health crisis.As the first couple of weeks and months of lockdown passed, I experienced 2 panic attacks--one of which occurred as I awoke in the night and felt unbearably claustrophobic in my own home. This was strange and terrifying, as I am not prone to panic attacks.At the same time, my son began to have issues with anxiety, manifesting in elevated BP. We both began working with the pucks. It's not a trip to Lourdes, but they offer a place of calm and centering, both when actively consumed by anxiety and  (better yet) as prophylaxis. Tone Therapy is shaping up to be a powerful addition to our existing arsenal of calming and meditational tools. I'm happy and grateful to have them!

Reviewed by  C,J.

Belleruth has been a guide in my practice for years.....

And that's why I listened to her video presentation, and why I read many of the reviews.... I noticed we women were totally in and men had reservations to rejections.. maybe due to malfunction...However, I am working with people whose anxiety and trauma are at staggering rates so trying new options for reducing suffering sounds good t me.Here's my vulnerability...  my secondary trauma is up recently so I will use for me!  Do hope it can be another tool for helping clients, family and friends too.Love the playfulness Bellruth, Bicki Bointies.. brought a smile to my face.. and you know the research on one smile: it can bring the same feel goods as 2000 chocolate bars or $25,000 !.. So I read ....
All the very Best, B.

Reviewed by  Harriet

I have been experiencing pretty severe anxiety...

I have been experiencing pretty severe anxiety and depression  , PTSD for years.  When I first  got these I was so amazed at  the quality of the sound. My impulse  was to hold them in my hands  to place them on my body, experiment  with distance to my body.
Oh, anything Belleruth promotes is going to be good. Please put her name and who she is on the Ad for increased credibility.  

Reviewed by   Diane


My son and I both have depression and anxiety.  Our N.O.W. Ton Therapy came in the mail yesterday and we instantly tried it out.  We love it!  Per my son, "it makes me so calm like my legs are jelly!" 

Reviewed by  Emily & Lucas


I really looked forward to receiving my “peace pucks” and earnestly explored “the Googles” for more information - landing first at Health Journeys and then coming across some Amazon reviews of the product until finally being led by Michael Joly to the nowbysolu website and blog to learn more about this amazing   “Bicki Boinkis” (sp?) as labelled by BR. When I received them, I was not disappointed in the least. Tightly and professionally packaged, I was pleased to find them to be solidly manufactured and elegantly designed. I explored the feel of them in my palms and enjoyed the weight as I lifted them up and down. Good stuff, I thought at the time.
Turning them over and noticing the sturdy power and volume buttons, I was ready to dive in.
I did two sessions, back-to-back, with the first experienced while holding them in the palm of my hands. The low frequency asynchronous monaural tones create a very pleasant and soothing vibration that added to the experience of the tones and was very calming. I found myself looking at each puck and marveling at the concept of the two merging into one sound/tactile experience.
Just listen... yep and I’ll add in just feel as well when holding them or when placed in close proximity of the body.
I then did another session with the pucks placed on the table about a foot away from me and from each other. Another, yet somewhat different “Wow-N.O.W.” experience occurred. It really helps in getting to a place where the present moment is what matters.
In using this for the past few weeks, I've noticed that 3 minutes goes by pretty quickly when just listening and feeling and I found myself taking the experience with me throughout the day, just listening feeling and seeing the world as it unfolded. I’m hooked and looking forward to continuing the journey...

Reviewed by  Craig

Finding definite advantages

I have to admit that initially this was a bit of an impulse buy. As an individual with PTSD and developmental trauma, there are times that I am simply too activated to benefit from conventional guided imagery. I experienced the same problem that others have reported, when one of the speakers wouldn't hold a charge. I spoke with customer service and they overnighted a replacement speaker without any difficulty. I find that having multiple grounding tools is extremely helpful and I like have a 3 minute option to utilize. I find the N.O.W system to be an effective tool, particularly when my autonomic nervous system and/or limbic system is activated. As a side note, I'm also a substance abuse counselor and the co-occurrence of trauma within the population I treat is staggering. I'm all for anything that can provide relief and become an effective craving reduction tool.

Reviewed by Rob

I'm amazed!

I ordered N.O.W tone therapy system, and I am truly amazed. Yes, I know the efficacy of guided imagery; in 1999 Blue Shield sent me the pre- and post-op discs, which got me through a difficult knee replacement.  I have no idea why without any research on my part I bought N.O.W — well, yes I do;  I trust Belleruth.  Anyway, right out of the box after those three minutes, I was at peace. During, I had NO problem with any extraneous thoughts at all, but especially no obsessive ones. I am so grateful.

You're grateful. I'm delighted!! :)  All best, Belleruth

Reviewed by Shirley H

I just really love them

1st:  I find it funny that another Louisa reviewed these-- we aren't the same people:) I bought them because I wanted to see how we might use these at work with my oncology and palliative care patients. I  will be interested in seeing the research, but in the meantime, I have these for about 2 weeks and I look forward to my time with the tones.  For me to do anything for 2 weeks straight is a 5 star endorsement.  

Reviewed by   Louisa D

I am a believer!

I have to admit that when I first tried these out, I didn’t feel like I was getting into the deep meditative state promised.  Then I remembered that I would often be very surprised by my results after meditating with my muse headband.  I would be in a deep meditative state often when I didn’t realize it!   So I hooked up the muse headband and listened to the ‘sound pucks’.  Didn’t expect great results...and was ASTOUNDED!  For the ENTIRE 3 minutes I was in a deep meditative state!!   I now do 3 or 4 back-to-back sessions so meditate 9 to 12 minutes every evening before bedtime.  Awesome sleep!  I am also using them in the morning conjunction with Belleruths guided imagery.  Really impressed by the technology.

Reviewed by Louise

3 minutes ....indeed.

Love that it's such a quick mindful meditation.  (even with tinnitus it worked well!)   

Reviewed by    Helene


I love these! The sound is crystal clear and encompassing. I feel the vibration in my whole body. I would have given 5 stars, except that it has only the 3 minute play option and I find myself preoccupied with not wanting it to end so soon... I wish it had a 20 minute option to be able to relax and enjoy.

Reviewed by   Tia

So Soothing!

I love the sound of these. I put them on before I start work in my home office and the tone soothes and centers me.

Reviewed by    Cynthia

Enjoying it!!

My husband and I are both enjoying our MTT!

Reviewed by    Cincerea

Unusual but love it!

My daughter loves this tone therapy system. Thanks for finding such great, unusual things!

Reviewed by    Susan

Excellent tool for meditation practice

Excellent tool for my mindfulness and meditation practice! Quality and ease of use are top of the chart. Will purchase for another as a gift and recommend to others

Reviewed by    Mary

Tones have an amazing effect on mood and state of mind.

I ordered this for my husband, a high powered executive who has high powered executive stresses at work. These tones have an amazing effect on mood and state of mind. He now uses them before some meetings at the bank for all of the meeting attendees. It reduces tension. I ordered another set for my daughter-in-law. She AND my son now use them. Three minutes of stillness and these tones have a remarkable effect on ones mood.

Reviewed by   Renie

really does provide a peace for meditation.

Shared this with my friends in yoga teacher training. They all wanted to know where I got them. Really does provide a peace for meditation. Lovely.

Reviewed by   Gail


My husband and I love these tones...and find they work almost instantly to calm and center both of us.

Reviewed by Nadine

Amazingly soothing!

I purchased these with a skeptical mindset. When I received them, I actually read the instructions and gave them a try. I was shocked how easy it was to focus on, and now look forward to having / making the opportunity to use them. My wife likes them too, and have ordered another set, so that she can have a set with her when she has to travel on business.
My only complaint / wish is that there were additional settings to allow for some extended play times.

Reviewed by   Malcolm

He loves it!

I saw these on the website and decided to get them for my husband.
He LOVES them. He meditates every day and this is a great addition.

Reviewed by   Rene

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